We are overwhelmed by information and goods. Consumers are confused and disoriented. What is good for us ? What is the f26bdd_f0c3ceecb7394c65a552e01d6d9522fabest ? What is the worst ? What can we live without ? What is a reasonable value ? Are you getting what you are paying for ? Is vaccination good or bad ? Which skin care product is the best ? What vitamins matter ? How about food ? Food supplements ? Shall I sleep or exercise ? What is the best treatment for painful conditions ? Who do I need to see for my back pain ? Is surgery going to solve my problems ? How about my fat stomach, wrinkles and hair loss ? Is this a medical problem or the matter of “old age” ? Today’s 90-ties are yesterdays 60-ties. Yes, we live longer, we get wiser and better….and we need more refined guides and guardians… Just to help YOU, we invited the top experts to recommend the best for you ! This is an open scientific forum for discussion and consumers recommendation. We invited the most experienced and respected physicians, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacologists, psychologists, therapists and scientists. Let’s talk !